Unique over popular

If you haven’t noticed this about me already, let me tell you that I’m a sucker for unique things. It could be apparel, handbags, shoes or jewelry. I just love wearing unique pieces and prefer to stay away from what’s popular unless it’s something that I truly love or believe in. With that said I tend to always look for small/up and coming designers/brands around the world and I love shopping from local designers I just think they have so much talent and not enough opportunity to be noticed. As a creative director/fashion designer I remember when I had started my apparel line I would get so many compliments on my collections but with all the major fashion brands spending thousands of dollars on marketing I had very little room to get out there and be noticed. Therefore when I started catwalksnaps I decided to make sure that I always support and promote the small fashion businesses that I truly believe in, in any way I can and here we are with my first post about an amazing handbag designer who I found through Etsy. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you the very talented Teresa designer of Mightyoak , she is based in New Jersey and makes beautiful handmade pieces with great price points. Make sure to check out her shop and give her some love on her IG @mightyoakhandbags

On another note, I have decided to dedicate 1-2 posts per month to sharing my new finds (unique/up & coming fashion brands ) with you lovelies and I promise to only write about brands that I actually shop from and believe are worthy of your time & money. So stay tuned and keep checking back for more 💕

Outfit Details :

Dress – Faithfull The Brand

Shoes- Chanel

Handbag- Mightyoakhandbags



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Former fashion designer, Sheereen A founded Catwalk Snaps after turning her style expertise from design to blogging. As a fashion stylist and creative director, she has an eye for creating gorgeous looks and compelling content. With Catwalk Snaps she hopes to share her devotion to fashion and inspire readers to create their own unique wardrobe. Sheereen created Catwalk Snaps under the principle of creating distinct, natural looks and just being who you really are. Sheereen is based in Santa Monica, CA and obtained her degrees in fashion from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and The Art Institute.

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