Everyday Beauty Essentials

I’ve always been taught that taking care of my skin should be a vital part of my morning and evening routines. We spend so much time choosing and styling clothes, as well as styling hair, but sometimes we forget to look after our own skin, which is the very foundation of every beautiful outfit.

It’s difficult to allow make-up to look flawless and do it’s designed job without ensuring that our skin in is tip top condition below the surface. I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite skin care products that I currently use to ensure I feel great about my skin before I even start my make-up.

As someone with sensitive skin, I’ve struggled to find the right products to suit. I certainly invest in seeing a dermatologist, as I think this is the best way to really get the right information about what your skin needs from you. I have found that using natural and all organic products works best for me as chemical-based products cause me irritation, redness and often dry out my skin. Not the best backdrop for a flawless complexion, right? So, here are my favourite products that seem to work best for me.


I have tried so many moisturisers from La Mer and Lancome to Dermalogica and had some sort of bad reaction to all of them. Finally, I was recommended Cerave PM, which is inexpensive and can be bought from places like CVS and Rite Aid. It’s super-light and, after 3 months of use, it has completely transformed my skin.


I like to use a product under my eyes that really moisturises and hydrates, which in turn helps with the appearance of small wrinkles. For this, I use Caudalie Resveratol eye lifting balm, which I really love. It’s very light and effective for dark circles and under eye bags as well.

Serums & Mists

Vitamin C Serum is a product I would really recommend that women start using. I use SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic, which is making my pores look smaller and my skin look healthier and more glowing. I love it so much I have even bought it for my mom, grandma and sister-in-law! I also use the Eminence Stone Crop mist to keep my skin hydrated, especially when I’m travelling.

Face Mask

There are hundreds of face masks out on the market and I think there are some fab ones, depending on your skin type. However, I have to say, I actually like making my own – DIY style! And this one works great for me. I blend Meyenberg goat dairy powdered milk with rose water and apply to my face, letting it gently dry. I then remove with a warm, damp cloth and I’ve really loved the results!


I know it’s not strictly skincare, but hair health is super important too! My hair tends to become dry, especially towards the ends, which isn’t exactly fair as I don’t dye it or often use heat styling tools. Because of this, I was recommended to use the all-natural products from Rene Furterer, which I have now used for a couple of months and have seen a great difference. I use the shampoo and conditioner, alongside regular applications of the hair mask and it strengthens and conditions my hair without weighing it down, which I love.