How To Style A Crop Top

I love wearing crop tops during summer, they are just perfect to pair with high waisted bottoms and also can be dressed down/up easily.

Top – Topshop Here’s a similar one

Bottoms- Topshop Shop Here

Necklace- Shahinyc

Here are my 5 favorite ways for styling a crop top-

  1. Wide Leg Pants– Crop tops look great with high waisted pants, especially if they are wide leg. Fitted crop tops give your upper body some definition while complementing the wide leg pants.
  2. Flowy summer skirts–  For a cool boheimian look I would pair a crop top with a flowy summer skirt with a cute pair of sandals and a straw bag.
  3. Wearing a blazer over it-  Sometimes you can’t just wear a crop top by itself, for example if you are attending a more formal event, I would recommend wearing a blazer over it with high waisted trousers for a chic yet sassy look.
  4. High Waisted Shorts- I love wearing my crop tops with high waisted everything :)) They just look so much better and put together. High Waisted shorts would look very cute with crop tops, you can still wear blazer over your crop top and high waisted shorts if you want to dress it up a bit.
  5. Mom Jeans- If you are like me and live in your Mom jeans then you know the best way to style them is with a crop top and cool lenin dress shirt over it that you can tie in the front.

Hope my tips were helpful and I would love to know how you style your crop tops so don’t forget to comment below <3