Le Boy

This little boy Chanel was purchased 5 year ago on my first trip to Paris. I was looking for something different so I asked the SR at the Chanel boutique on Avenue Motaigne to bring me their most unique piece at that time. She smiled and asked “most unique or popular?” I said unique, she replied “I like that, most of our clients are looking for what’s popular but you are looking for a unique piece.” She was very sweet and told me to wait a few moments then came back with a few options but the moment she took this crossbody out of the dust bag  I couldn’ stop staring at it and I knew the only way I would walk out of the boutique that day, would be with my new Le Boy bag.

I ended up purchasing it right away but this little bag wasn’t the only highlight of my day, what the SR told me made me realize something new about myself. She was right, I never go for what’s popular unless I really like it myself yet I always look for unique things in life that would stand out and won’t blend in with the rest.

The whole point of this post was to say , don’t ever change to blend in, don’t buy things that every other model, blogger , fashionista is wearing just because it’s popular. Go for what you like, who you truly are and that’s what unique is.