My Favorite Places To Shop Online For Home Interiors

I actually love shopping (or just browsing) for home interior items almost as much as I love shopping for fashion. Thanks to Pinterest, there is an amazing plethora of interiors inspirations out there now to get all of our home design juices flowing.

In a few months, I’ll be making the big move over country to New York, and I literally cannot wait. Bright lights and big city is exciting enough, but it also means I will have a brand-new pad to design and decorate. This, of course, means that lately I have been upping my game when it comes to searching for new things to adorn my new NY home.

This is the sort of style that I love…

Because there are so many amazing places to shop now, I thought I’d share with you a couple of my favourites. These places are all available to shop online and I just love their sense of interior style and feel like it works with how I’d love my new place to look.


Now, it’s no big secret, this I know. However, I have to say I still love Anthropologie and its chic and simple interior style. I’ve definitely picked a few great bits up from here recently and got my eye on a few more pieces for my new place. I’d say the style is cute and feminine (I’m obsessed with the floral dinnerware), but they have some really on-trend pieces too, like this multi-hang frame setin copper and this amazing hoop mirror, which I can so see in my new hallway.

Zara Home

As soon as I hop onto the Zara Home website I get taken aback by the super-cute items at really reasonable prices. The Zara style is light, airy and polished, so I love them for soft-furnishings and bedding. They also always have unusual shaped side tables for the living and bedroom, which I love having several of. They’re on-trend with items in coppers and marble effect material and I love shapes like this circular nesting tablewith a gold accent.


Ok, so Oomph takes it up in terms of pricing. However, just click through the lighting pages and you’ll know why I’ve become obsessed! The lighting is so unusual but it’s designed to be a take on classic shapes, which I love. For example, this lantern lighting fixtureis the perfect blend of traditional and edgy modern. Plus, lighting is always worth investing in!

Ollie Box

This is such a cute one. Not too expensive, but not Ikea, I love Ollie box for add-on ideas to really start to make a house a home. I’m into plants everywhere in my house, so I love this hanging planter, which would bring a little outside, inside when I land in NY. An amazing thing they also do is removable wallpaper. They do loads of different colours and patterns and it’s perfect if you’re renting or simply change your mind a lot. Check them out!

I hope I’ve managed to inspire you with a few new places to do your home interior shopping! Whether you’re looking at a new home, like me, or fancy updating your current abode, it’s always fun to redesign a new space and make it your own!