Unique over popular

If you haven’t noticed this about me already, let me tell you that I’m a sucker for unique things. It could be apparel, handbags, shoes or jewelry. I just love wearing unique pieces and prefer to stay away from what’s popular unless it’s something that I truly love or believe in. With that said I tend to always look for small/up and coming designers/brands around the world and I love shopping from local designers I just think they have so much talent and not enough opportunity to be noticed. As a creative director/fashion designer I remember when I had started my apparel line I would get so many compliments on my collections but with all the major fashion brands spending thousands of dollars on marketing I had very little room to get out there and be noticed. Therefore when I started catwalksnaps I decided to make sure that I always support and promote the small fashion businesses that I truly believe in, in any way I can and here we are with my first post about an amazing handbag designer who I found through Etsy. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you the very talented Teresa designer of Mightyoak , she is based in New Jersey and makes beautiful handmade pieces with great price points. Make sure to check out her shop and give her some love on her IG @mightyoakhandbags

On another note, I have decided to dedicate 1-2 posts per month to sharing my new finds (unique/up & coming fashion brands ) with you lovelies and I promise to only write about brands that I actually shop from and believe are worthy of your time & money. So stay tuned and keep checking back for more 💕

Outfit Details :

Dress – Faithfull The Brand

Shoes- Chanel

Handbag- Mightyoakhandbags




I’m in love with this romper from cmeocollective, it’s just so easy to dress up/down. I wear it with my favorite Hermes sandals during the day and pair of cute heels for night time. Cmeocollective is definitly one of my favorite austrailian fashion brands, make sure to check them out.

Romper – cmeocollective

Sandals – Hermes

Bag- Chanel

Sunglasses – Zerouv

5 Asymmetrical hem skirts for summer

I love asymmetrical hem skirts, they look very flattering on and they make your legs look longer. They are perfect for summer time with crop tops or a nice chiffon blouse and a blazer for more of a formal look. I have styeld mine by turning a scarf into a cropped top. Let me know your thoughts on it and if you’d like me to do a tutorial on how to wear a scarf as a crop top 🙂

Here are 5 asymmetrical hem skirts that I love :

Free People Tuscan Sunrise Skirt

Topshop Satin Spot Ruffle Skirt

Topshop Ditsy Frill Miniskirt

Sezane Pacome Floral Silk Skirt

Bardot Frill Faux Wrap Skirt

Outfit details :

Skirt – J.crew

Bag- Simone Miller

Sunglasses – Zerouv

Perfect Summer Outfit

This gorgeous dress is by ParkerNewYork  

I purchased it from Madison boutique years ago, I’m amazed at the quality of the fabric it  doesn’t wrinkle and feels super soft.

I’ve been obsessed with the new trend for transparent accessories. Here’s one of my favorite bags that I purchased from an etsy shop. She has lots of affordable cute pieces, make sure to check out her other listings as well.

Transparent Wood Handle Bag 

Sandals are by Jeffrey Campbell.

I have a petite yet curvey figure therefore I have a hard time finding jeans that fit me right. You know, that perfect high waisted, ankle length mom jean that won’t snug around the hips with a gap in the back or skinny jeans that are tight enough around the ankles. So I went ahead and created a list of my top 5 favorite denim brands that I think would fit great on any body type. Some of these are more on the expensive side but they definitely have the quality and fit that you are paying for.




4. AG


Top 5 Favorite Denim Brands

Baccarat Rouge 540

I usually don’t change my perfumes often . I like to have a signature scent, therefore I stick to one scent for day time and another for the evening. But lately all I want to wear is the Baccarat Rouge 540 by Maison Francis Kurkdjian , it smells beautiful yet sexy.

It’s considered Woody, Amber, Floral, a perfume that’s luminous , dense and intense.

Breeze accord:

Jasmine & saffron

Heat accord:

Cedar wood

Mineral accord:


Mini Bucket Bag

I’ve been obsessed with bucket bags for the past few years and this one by Simon Miller is super cute and easy to carry around. I’ve been a bit lazy with carrying totes and larger bags so this works out perfect for me. For those of you who are not into mini bags you should check out their 20cm & 30cm bucket bags.



Le Boy

This little boy Chanel was purchased 5 year ago on my first trip to Paris. I was looking for something different so I asked the SR at the Chanel boutique on Avenue Motaigne to bring me their most unique piece at that time. She smiled and asked “most unique or popular?” I said unique, she replied “I like that, most of our clients are looking for what’s popular but you are looking for a unique piece.” She was very sweet and told me to wait a few moments then came back with a few options but the moment she took this crossbody out of the dust bag  I couldn’ stop staring at it and I knew the only way I would walk out of the boutique that day, would be with my new Le Boy bag.

I ended up purchasing it right away but this little bag wasn’t the only highlight of my day, what the SR told me made me realize something new about myself. She was right, I never go for what’s popular unless I really like it myself yet I always look for unique things in life that would stand out and won’t blend in with the rest.

The whole point of this post was to say , don’t ever change to blend in, don’t buy things that every other model, blogger , fashionista is wearing just because it’s popular. Go for what you like, who you truly are and that’s what unique is.



My Favorite Mules

E66D450F-11C5-4C89-8049-D286073F098EDear Shoe Addicts,

Here is a pair of mules that all of you should know about. These cuties have been nothing but nice to my feet and complementing to my outfits. I’ve gotten many compliments on them and I can’t get over the craftsmanship.

So here is how I came across these amazing mules. As I was spending another day shopping online, tired of looking at the same shoes that I saw every other person wearing, all the high end brands who scream how much money you’ve spent on them with just a logo but they give you 0 comfort and of coure me being me wanting something unique vs. popular, I came across an online store where they carried Korean Designers. I clicked on the new arrivals and saw this amazing brand called Yuul Yie , then I noticed it says everything is made to order and there are no returns, YES you read that right, no returns on top of that the sizing was in korean so I had to convert my U.S. size to Korean sizes which ended up being a 245 ( how cool is that?) being all nervous about placing an order finally my gut feeling said to go with it, two weeks later I recieved the shoes, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see what I ordered. The moment I opened the box I could smell the leather, I slide my feet into the mules and that’s when I knew they were worth every penny , not only they looked amazing on but they were so comfy and fit exactly the way they should’ve. I fell in love with them and they became my go to mules for almost every outfit, now I am getting  ready to order another pair of amazing shoes from this amazing brand. Oh and I recently found out that some of Yuul Yie shoes are being carried by Forward so if you are looking for a pair to try on , don’t forget to check them out.