My Favorite Mules

Dear Shoe Addicts,

Here is a pair of mules that all of you should know about. These cuties have been nothing but nice to my feet and complementing to my outfits. I’ve gotten many compliments on them and I can’t get over the craftsmanship.

So here is how I came across these amazing mules. As I was spending another day shopping online, tired of looking at the same shoes that I saw every other person wearing, all the high end brands who scream how much money you’ve spent on them with just a logo but they give you 0 comfort and of coure me being me wanting something unique vs. popular, I came across an online store where they carried Korean Designers. I clicked on the new arrivals and saw this amazing brand called Yuul Yie , then I noticed it says everything is made to order and there are no returns, YES you read that right, no returns on top of that the sizing was in korean so I had to convert my U.S. size to Korean sizes which ended up being a 245 ( how cool is that?) being all nervous about placing an order finally my gut feeling said to go with it, two weeks later I recieved the shoes, I was so excited and couldn’t wait to see what I ordered. The moment I opened the box I could smell the leather, I slide my feet into the mules and that’s when I knew they were worth every penny , not only they looked amazing on but they were so comfy and fit exactly the way they should’ve. I fell in love with them and they became my go to mules for almost every outfit, now I am getting  ready to order another pair of amazing shoes from this amazing brand. Oh and I recently found out that some of Yuul Yie shoes are being carried by Forward so if you are looking for a pair to try on , don’t forget to check them out.