Super Trendy Tees Made in France

I recently discovered this amazing Parisian designer who also happens to be an amazing florist.

Juliette is the designer behind Mignonne Paris, super trendy and cute tee shirts made in France.

I personally fell in love with the idea behind this brand, which is Juliet’s love for flowers and women, she believes they are gorgeous in every shape and color. As she explained to me, this is how Mignonne started : ” In english, mignonne means cute. The idea of the first design came up after one of my friends (she is a florist, I am a florist, and we are kind of obsessed with flowers !) asked me : « have you ever made love with a flower? » ! Ahah At first I didn’t understand the question, and then it made me laugh and inspired me to draw mignonne’s illustrations.” Now that’s what I call unique.

Juliet’s first collection of tee shirts are available for purchase on Mignonne Paris Instagram and their online shop will be launching soon.

I’m in love with my Mignonne Paris t-shirts and I recommend them to anyone who likes to make a statement yet keep it unique.

Here’s their Instagram page You can place your orders by sending them a direct message. Always keep it #unique #uniqueoverpopular <3

Here’s how I like to style my mignonne t-shirts –

Skirt: Thejetsetdiaries

Earrings: Simone Rocha