Unique over popular

If you haven’t noticed this about me already, let me tell you that I’m a sucker for unique things. It could be apparel, handbags, shoes or jewelry. I just love wearing unique pieces and prefer to stay away from what’s popular unless it’s something that I truly love or believe in. With that said I tend to always look for small/up and coming designers/brands around the world and I love shopping from local designers I just think they have so much talent and not enough opportunity to be noticed. As a creative director/fashion designer I remember when I had started my apparel line I would get so many compliments on my collections but with all the major fashion brands spending thousands of dollars on marketing I had very little room to get out there and be noticed. Therefore when I started catwalksnaps I decided to make sure that I always support and promote the small fashion businesses that I truly believe in, in any way I can and here we are with my first post about an amazing handbag designer who I found through Etsy. Ladies and gentlemen I introduce to you the very talented Teresa designer of Mightyoak , she is based in New Jersey and makes beautiful handmade pieces with great price points. Make sure to check out her shop and give her some love on her IG @mightyoakhandbags

On another note, I have decided to dedicate 1-2 posts per month to sharing my new finds (unique/up & coming fashion brands ) with you lovelies and I promise to only write about brands that I actually shop from and believe are worthy of your time & money. So stay tuned and keep checking back for more 💕

Outfit Details :

Dress – Faithfull The Brand

Shoes- Chanel

Handbag- Mightyoakhandbags